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Meet Our CEO 

Sherrell is a consulting professional, who has been a business staple in the Dallas-Fort Worth community for over 20 years working with entrepreneurs. She has made it her goal to support their businesses and personal development as they expand. She worked in the private and public sectors in business and accounting roles before branching out into entrepreneurship to become a serial entrepreneur. It was during this time, she developed substantial experience in the not-for-profit, media, retail, restaurant & catering, and the beauty industries. 

With a huge passion to help businesses become stronger and more stable, she believes, by including corporate standards into small firms, you will gain an advantage. She designs and implements processes, procedures, strategic plans, analysis, regulatory compliance, business frameworks, and initiatives that move firms toward growth. Sherrell's agency also offers year-round bookkeeping and tax support, administrative, staffing and executive leadership training.  

Sherrell is a trusted and dedicated business expert, who allows you the opportunity to see how fabulous you are while your firm is changing and improving for the better. You will breathe a little  easier knowing you are in good hands, because she cares not only about your business, but also for you.


She is looking forward to working with you!

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