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Our mission is to help all women in business succeed by giving them the right tools and resources. We want to educate business owners in smart organization principles that will keep the business in a great position to experience growth on a long-term basis.   

We Offer
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Small Business Consulting

Small Business Consulting is our specialty. We work with you to create systems and get them implemented. We help you through some of your most difficult challenges. We believe when the foundation is set it makes it easier for your business to progress forward to success. 


Professional Bookkeeping & Tax Preparers 

We are always available to keep your business financials organized and in order. Our agency is here for you!

Executive Leadership Staffing Services

Not ready to hire W-2 employees? You can hire our team of qualified business staff to assist you in your business operations needs. If you need a CEO, Business Manager or COO to represent your dynamic company, we are ready to help.

With Over 20 Years of Experience, Our Team has the Knowledge and Expertise to Ensure Professional, Accurate, High Quality Service



Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

Welcome to ACG Financials Business Management Group. Our agency is dedicated to providing quality and affordable services to business owners. We pride our agency on great customer care, excellence and performance.


“Entrepreneurs, the potential is not an automatic guarantee. Along with that, you must have growth. When you gain experiences personal and professional, learning and building your knowledge in whatever you plan to do, and having the right attitude will give you growth. With potential and growth, you can't help but succeed.”

—  Sherrell Jenkins  —
CEO of ACG Financials Business Management Group

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